What makes Counter Assault different from other sprays?

Counter Assault Bear Deterrents have the optimal combination of spray distance and spray time when compared to like sized canisters on the market.

Recipient of 1998 Interagency Grizzly Bear

Committee Stewardship Award for

Research and Development of Bear Pepper Spray

Note: The EPA requires the concentration of Active Ingredient (capsaicin and related capsaicinoids) range between 1% and 2%. The minimum size can the EPA requires is 7.9 ounces or 225 grams.The EPA requires each registrant to provide spray distance and time of continuous spray for their product and include the information on the label, although the EPA has no established limits.

Why is Spray Time Important?

IGBC Bear Spray Guidelines 2017 Excerpt

“Given the unpredictable situations that may be encountered and the possible need to use bear spray multiple times during the course of one trip (e.g., wind, multiple bears, the hike out, etc.), be sure to carry an adequate amount of bear spray. Consider carrying two cans.”

Why is Spray Distance Important?

      • Bears can charge at speeds up to 30+ mph. They need sufficient time to change from a contact charge to a bluff charge.
      • If a bear is going to charge more than once, it creates a barrier zone for the bear to have to reenter.
      • CROSS Wind may reduce the distance.

There are many types of ways that bears confront people. The three most common encounter scenarios where spray distance will be important:

      1. A sudden close encounter and defensive charge from 15-25 feet.
      2. A full defensive charge from more than 50 feet away.
      3. A gradual continuous approach (curious, predatory or defensive to determine what and who you are).


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