How should I use Counter Assault Bear Deterrent if I am approached by a bear?

We recommend using short bursts (one-half to two seconds) as opposed to a long, continuous spray.

The sound made by the atomized fogger blast of Counter Assault will frequently startle the animal, as it is not a familiar noise. Sometimes this is enough to chase it away.

  • If a bear or large predator approaches to within thirty feet, give a short warning blast, placing a fog between you and the animal. Note: Check for wind direction and position yourself upwind if possible, to avoid cross-exposure.
  • If the bear or large predator continues to approach or to charge within 20 to 30 feet, use short blasts, continuously in succession, aiming low at the head and toward the ground in front of the animal so it runs into the spray, until the animal retreats or is deterred.

Spray and React

When the animal attack is interrupted, this is your chance to get away, but DO NOT RUN.

CAUTION: This product is no substitute for common sense.

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