Law Enforcement Products


For police or military department orders, please call for case pricing

Counter Assault Law Enforcement Products are Electronic immobilization device compatible!

Tested on December 14, 2004 and February 6th 2007 by CRT Less Lethal Consultant & Forensic Scientist, Rick Wyant, M.S., using TASER® model M26, spraying directly to the spark gap.

The CRT testing scenario was intentionally structured to be worst case.

During our testing, the Counter Assault OC10-4F, OC10-2S and the OC10-4M did not ignite nor did they produce any visible flame or heat changes on the thermal measuring equipment when the TASER was applied. The OC10-4S did flame but did not ignite the clothing.

OC-10® products are made with the same high level of quality control as our Counter Assault Original Bear Deterrent pepper spray. Available in three spray patterns to meet all your pepper spray needs.