Unfortunately I know first hand what happens when you’re attacked by a Grizzly Bear. On October 13, 2018 while Elk Hunting in Southwest Montana my hunting partner and I walked into 12 yard distance from a Sow Grizzly and her Two year old Cub. Both the Bears, my hunting partner and myself were all surprised at the encounter. The Cub reared up and growled and the Sow came at me on a dead run and was on top of me in no more than 3 seconds. Due to the speed and element of surprise I was unable to get my Counter Assault Bear Spray as the Sow knocked me down to the ground. Thankfully my hunting partner Greg Gibson was able to spray the Sow with his Counter Assault Bear spray and she was biting my arm and swatting at my head and body, When the spray cloud hit her she released me instantaneously and then made a lunge at Greg, he deployed one more short blast and she retreated. Other than a broken Arm and some scratches on my Face and Body, Counter Assault Bear Deterrent and my hunting partner Greg Gibson saved my life.

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