Bear Spray Saved My Life

Just wanted to let you folks know that your Counter Assault Bear Spray Product saved my life this past Sunday. I was hiking off trail in the Lamar Valley and encountered a mother grizzly with two cubs. She first charged me from about 20 yards and luckily it was a false charge. She was about to charge a second time when I yelled and she stopped. Her cubs had come closer at this point and as I started to draw my spray she charged again from about 12 yards. I was able to deploy the spray just in time and emptied the can as she charged. I was prepared for a collision since I was thinking that even if the spray worked she wouldn’t be able to stop. At the very last instant, when she was under my outstretched arm, she veered off so fast she fell in the grass next to me. She scrambled to her feet and took off with the two cubs following.

I owe my safety to being able to draw my spray quickly, knowing how to use it and believing it would work. I will always carry two cans in the future since the 3 miles back to the road was nerve racking with no spray.


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