Dear Counter Assault,

I have a fun story to tell you about how tough your Bear Keg is.

We own a brand new Toyota Prius and was driving on the freeway yesterday. There was a truck in from front of us and unfortunately a box fell out of the truck and struck our car. The Prius took a beating! We pulled over and realized that something other than the box was stuck under car.

We proceeded to get the car jack out and jack up the car. The idem item in the box was the Bear Keg made by Counter Assault. First, I was very happy that there were no injuries. Second, I was deeply impressed because the Bear Keg was completely in tact intact and functional. This idem hit a car going 75 MPH, was ran over, was drug several hundred yards under the car, and STILL WORKS!

I am the Director of Cardiopulmonary at a local hospital in Redding, CA. Today in our staffing meeting I told all the leaders of our facility that they should not only buy this product but possibly invest in the company.

Maybe the auto industry should make cars out of this material.

Best regards,


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